dry . enjoy the fall

d R y
en j oy t h e f a l l
d R y
en j oy t h e f a l l
Enjoy the Fall

l o s t
m in d

lost my mind
can not find
maybe in my childhood cradle
stop dwelling on
maybe in my last weekend
when I should get stoned
I can't follow anything now
and I guess I'll never learn
all my impressions seemed to be wrong
in time, I'm not concerned
I can't fly
yet I'll try
don't feel pain
it´s just flesh and gore
ground to nose
I'll not take less for sure
lost my mind
it turned me wise
outside it´s rushy and rainy
yet I dry
wish I could feel
just wonder how and why?
...and no one can save you now
there is no other way
You start to enjoy the fall
there is no other way
...and no one can save you now
there is no other way
You start to enjoy the fall
there is no other way
You’d better believe it now
there is no other way
You start to enjoy the fall
there is no other way

t r a ppe d

and I can't breathe
Aspiring thorns that burn
inside me now

I threw it all out
they crack my inner world
the one connection
they crack my little world
a forced regression
I don't belong to you anymore
They crack my little world
It's weird
Those eyes unveil me
These lights cut through me
and I'm only screaming now

I cry my insides out
Don't wanna change at all put me back
Don't want changes now
I'm free
to fly inside my cage
i can't control
the way it goes
But it goes
Don't want change
Expanding universe

I don't k n o w

Things pass through
whatever happens to me
release or doom
soul rise or college degree
I don't know
I'm thinking to myself
I don't know

twitch and throw
leads mind beyond the sky
feels like a rollercoaster with no tide
there's no clue
of what we all shouldn't be
it's casual truth
there are no options to flee
mind grows eventually
stuck as tree
stretching its twigs
up here it is hard to breathe
set me free
for all the truths we lie
for all the sense we buy
Say what? what makes you feel you are something?

for all the games we play
for all the children we fake
Say what? what makes you think you are something?

for all the songs we play

d u n g
b e e t l e

you're cool, let's talk about it how you're really great
I see a frowning look or maybe it's a bad play
trying to be different, you hit the stereotype

so what? so what?
praised, you really wrote "self love"
on a billboard?
razed, it's says "I'm a dung"
in a chemical toilet
where is the real you under all this dust?
and stop pretending there is something inside the husk
lump goes up while you're flushed through the same pipe

so what? so what?
come and play, for the day
all the way, down
all the lies drawn in lines
you're in disguise, clown
so much to rock about but jerk you're just forgetting
your obsession to be seen is your burden
you're barely breathing deep into this sea of hangers-on

so what? so what?
what is seen behind all this pampering,
say what? cause you're in disguise

all the sins, degeneration of mine

r e a r v i e w
m i r r o r

Reached an impasse
Attached are problem and solution
I saw a spaceship stuck in mud
Rearview mirror: that ship was me
We built a house among walls
inside of it we build a wall
We hit our heads into the wall
and I feel it so
the way
you feel?
Prank the press
Fill them up with information
I saw a spaceship stuck in mud
No one saw, that mud was me
How much time to reach the sky?
Mire foregone, and keeps on and on and on
Stuck in mud,

stuck in mud,

stuck in mud

stuck in me...

l e s s o n s

Patience is where?
I run and don’t move
Anger I wear
How much can you prove?
It is all uphill
No doubt 'bout that
Be settled and still
I´ll eat my own fat
a fork in the path
or maybe it was an eyesight blurred
Life’s like math cold as meth
but not all lessons were learned

there's so much
you don´t know
One chance and no cure
It’s true, I might crash
I won’t be secure
Who will, then I ask
rest in that chair
and watch your own mistakes
no one plays fair
but you're in the game anyway
why don´t you dare?
tomorrow is your big fight
rest in that chair
and you will lose the best part

ga so l i ne

All seemed fine
before I lost my pride
So she said
Got no ideas in my head
so they try
my veins are hard to find
doctor says
Got no ideas in my head
a friend of mine
said to leave it this way
what's called this friend of mine?
I'm the only friend of mine
I wanna leave this world,
If you know what I mean

I won´t expect to get turned,
so fire up with gasoline
playing dead
the end of months are trap
my boss says
got no ideas in my head
each day passes
like a mirror of an old scene
director says
got no ideas in my head
indisposed am I?
undisclosed am I?
Can I go on time?
And exploded am I?
Can I grow and die?

hi d e o u t

The pain exposed me
and the trail stays behind
all strength, no pick
couldn't be here just in time
Well I'm lost but I'm still lookin' for Let's pretend that I'm the one to ignore
Walk back instead
be a prey on your sight
have a prac and blast red
but you can't reach me inside
You can stay by my side
and I still will be alone
You can prove me what is right
but I'm into what is wrong
I'll find




t h e
w a v e

From outside it looks like
I'm spitting me out of my own way
it throws yourself against the wall
It takes what takes to wash you, drowned

Once you reach the shore...
What could I say to justify
if sometimes I just remember
What could I do to my will
to stop these wave-breaks
From here I just can't see
I'm in a washing machine
it throws yourself against the will
it takes what takes
to paint you, clown

Once you reach the shore...
it keeps me pounding and pounding
And I dont feel well
a stone thrown in water
reverberates till hell
and there is no more time to get some peace of mind
and there is no time to get some peace of mind
inside dry
mind despise
flood outside
no tears to cry

The wave-break, the wave-break...

sh e

can I defend myself in court?
can I show what she did to me first?
and when I had my share of empathy
since then I became rich with density
I'm sinking slowly
I'm sinking
can I get your cell phone please?
can I tell her to forget all this?
there is no user guide to look at her
she gets the foreground, the rest is blur
I'm falling slowly
I'm falling
I can't stand being around her
no no no
I can't stand to be without it
I can't resist her


Heal the sense of time
Fill the lack of lies
Now that she turned against her class
too late, one day after a crate blast
Here are some things to buy
to stand and stare and cry
Through the peephole sees what might have been
but from here it seems nothing...
and nothing seems...
Since you don’t dawn here

Make him a man

Get your stuff and leave

Make him a man

Eleven minutes in hell

w a y
h o m e

There was a road too far from home
In a cold land, blurred sight
There was no way to walk alone
But no one was by my side
I only hear the wind
The doors are locked inside
My mind shouldn't live here
I just see fog forward
my steps on autopilot go
there is no target, arrow or bow
where you call
is where I go
I was really far from home
Searching a way back to my life
Walked miles around ghosts
One lost mind hard to find
Air dried all my skin
Birds screaming outside
Just let this ride begin
The light just burns my eyes
The sun beats harder
but are other things that chime
Got a broken armor
Four eyes, two hearts, one mind
I found her really far from home
On the way back to my life
Now I see, there is no road
We just walk over thin ice
There is no home,
There is no home,
There is no home, but you

s ix
t o e s

Jim learnt early 'cause he had
you know, his choice was never a matter
at least nothing that would endanger him
scratching on pieces of paper:
break this out

till you can't
Jim's arguments always seemed right
his discretion shined as light
but nobody ever showed affection
that was Jim's breakeven
never deserved more than that
just another piece of crap
these thoughts have always hovered
again "blaming parents" scores
brick all you seek
things to fix
greater things than your sixth toe

search your mind
try to find
would they love if you were normal?
carry the world
break out
sick from swirl
break out
cut the toe
Jim learnt early cause he had
and maybe he deserved this path
it seems no one disagrees with that
and they will always recap
stars seem free,
unharmed and safe
from all this pain

caught in a mix
of inspiration
and golden ratio